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How do I do real estate and the quarantine for the coronavirus ( COVId 19 ) at the same time ?

First before we dive in, I’d like to make a disclaimer- that it is always up to the seller or buyer if they want to be involved in a real estate transaction during this crazy time. I am not recommending to do or not do real estate during this state of emergency. You should always do what’s right for you and obey the government mandatory rules. I am not crossing those lines. The below post is only a discussion of ideas that I’ve created that may be of value to someone who still wants to be involved in real estate during these times.

This past week I decided to cancel all of my in person meetings, listing appointments and showings as an effort to keep my clients and my family safe. So there I was, bummed out-pondering on how I should change my real estate business to better help my clients needs and while keeping people safe at the same time. So I asked myself this question: " How do I do real estate and the quarantine for the coronavirus ( covid 19 ) at the same time ?" Then it hit me after I read all of the regulations. It basically comes down to that we agents have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

With that said, let’s briefly go over 3 key things that we need to remember:

1. Real Estate industry professionals are not exempt from the state/county/country lockdown.

2. We must also practice social distancing.

3. We are being asked to stop all in person marketing, showings, listing appointment, open houses and property inspections.

Based on those few orders, I have researched and restructured my business around it, allowing me to find solutions that allow me to operate as normal.

There was only one option that came to mind and that was this-


We all have technology at the end of our fingertips enough to help us get through this crazy time. We have computers, the Internet, smart phones, social media, online meeting rooms, digital ads and so much more.

However, there are two scenarios for sellers, which are occupied and vacant. Occupied means the seller is living in the home. Vacant means the seller does not.



Sellers that ARE living at the home while they are selling will be easier conduct digital showings as they will be there to assist us agents. We can conduct live or recorded video showings with smart phone/webcam/or professional photography to conduct digital video open houses. This will allow us to operate and show the home without risking any contact.

Meetings are possible by phone, video chat, or online meeting rooms.



Sellers that are NOT living at the home or not home is a little more challenging but not impossible. There is a solution for this as well. If the seller doesn’t have an assistant or someone locally that can help out, the agent may be allowed to maintain continuity of operation as needed as long as we still following the rules of social distancing (at your own discretion). So the agent or a team member may be able to host the digital recorded or live showings with a smart phone/webcam/or professional photography without having to risk exposure or contact.

Meetings are possible by phone, video chat, or online meeting rooms.


If professional photography and video is out of the question;

Have the seller or sellers assistant take good pictures and a video walkthrough that you can send to the buyers. Edit them to brighten it up (if you don’t know how, use an online service) or ask someone you know that can. Using a pre-recorded video will reduce risk and allow you to use it in order to market the property to the buyers digitally.


Even though we can’t meet in person at this time, we can meet in an online meeting room where we can video chat (skype, zoom, etc) or a phone call. If you’re not a cash buyer, you can still get pre-qualified online and send your approval letter or proof of income through a secure email or secure signing service that allows you to upload and share documents (ie: docusign). Also, the interest rates are low and this is a great time for buyers to buy.

I would like to end this by saying that I hope that both you/your families are all taking this as serious as I am in my business and personal life. I hope you stay well and take care. Hopefully by us staying at home or practicing social distancing, we can reduce the amount of time we are in lock down and return to life as normal.

Also, I didn’t go into detail my full digital and direct mail marketing strategy as it is a part of my unique selling proposition. So if you are a seller and we get to work together, I will be sharing it with you.

Please note: I am in California and realize that your restrictions may be different from state to state, county, or country. This based on my personal experience and not to be taken as legal advice.

I hope this is helpful to you and/or family. Please comment and feel free to share this or send me a message if you have any questions. -Jason