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10 Ways You Know This Is The Right Home For You

Updated: Mar 11

10 Ways You Know This Is The Right Home For You #01

You might be thinking, how do I know this home is the right fit for me or my family?

Well, I've put together a guide to help you decide if the home is the best fit.

First, I'd like to mention that it's not always easy to envision yourself in a new home because it may be scary that you will be committing to one of the most expensive financial assets in your life and that is a big decision.

I think this guide may help you see yourself in the home a little easier.

1. Curb Appeal?

Does the home feel inviting when you pull up to it. Are you asking yourself, "I want to go inside this one!"? If so, that is a good sign. Take a leap of faith and walk in.

2. The feeling walking in...

Seriously! When you walk in, how do you feel about the presence of the home. Does it feel warm and comforting (I'm not talking about the weather or the inside temp)? Trust me, some homes feel dense, cold and awkward. If the home feels warm and you are comfortable, you are on the right track to making the next step into the rest of the house.

3.Bathrooms are weird.

Yes, it is weird to walk into a new bathroom for the first time! For most homes anyway! However, you may find yourself walking in because of the wonderful features. Does the bathroom feel inviting or do you just want to poke your head in and get a good look instead of walking in? If you are drawn in by that double vanity or marble countertop, then it’s probably a huge contender.

4. Are you feeling protective of the house?

Yes it happens! That’s a good sign! You might notice your agent is pointing out all the defects, chipped paint, damaged floorboards, unclean carpet and so on. But you’re not having it and you are defending the house by all means. Well, you might be falling in love with the home…

5. Your Furnished Imagination

Now you are walking into all of the rooms and are visually imagining the furniture placement. You are imagining yourself moving into the space, how it would look and feel being there. You see where you would put your favorite reading chair, couch, table and so on. You have decided you could see yourself living there.

6. Your wish list.

Does the home check off the majority of the boxes from your wish list? Besides the basic needs of a home, most properties won’t have everything you need in a home. But does the home check most of the boxes off of your list? Maybe it has all of the bedrooms and space that you need but it doesn’t have a double vanity sink in the guest bathroom. However, you realize you don’t need the double vanity just yet and can wait to put one in. This might be the one.

7. You took a selfie and sent it.

You can’t wait to show and tell your friends. So you are taking pictures with and of the home. You have dedicated snapping a selfie of yourself in the kitchen, master and bathroom. As soon as you get back to the car you start sending you’re friends and family pictures of the home. Is it the winner?

8. Love at first sight.

Well, you’ve found it and you haven’t seen anything like it. The other homes you’ve seen don’t even compare. You feel ready to stop looking at the other homes, as they don’t measure up to this one at all. Are you ready to write an offer?

9. Wanting the second date.

You got back in the car and are starting to drive away but you already want to go back. That means you want it and you may consider asking your agent to send you the disclosures to write an offer. The home might not be there by the time you go back.

10. Time is of the essence.

You may be concerned that the house may be gone by the time you get a chance to go back and see it. In most housing markets, it is competitive and homes can go under contract very quickly. You may want to consider asking your agent to send over the paperwork so you can write an offer and not take the chance of losing the property. A strong offer is close or over the list price.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share. -Jason